How to access BORDEAUX


go-to-bordeaux-venir-a-bordeaux-train Bordeaux-Saint Jean Train Station

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Go downtown from the train station

Tramway Line C links the train station to downtown (toward « Parc Exposition » or “Cracovie” )




go-to-bordeaux-venir-a-bordeauxBordeaux-Mérignac Airport

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From the airport to Bordeaux downtown

 Direct Airport Shuttle : This shuttle links the airport to Bordeaux downtown : Bordeaux train station to the Airport every hour, from 6 am to 9pm, and from the airport to the train station every hour from 8 am to 11pm.  

Airport shuttle informations

By bus « Liane 1 » Dowtown to the airport every 10 minutes everyday.



Bordeaux Airport’s Low Cost Terminal

Bordeaux is only a few hours away from where you are! Bordeaux has a low cost terminal: Terminal Billi.


8 airline companies offer over 40 national destinations:

Lille >< Bordeaux

Lyon >< Bordeaux

Marseille >< Bordeaux

Strasbourg >< Bordeaux

... >< Bordeaux


European et international destinations:

Dublin >< Bordeaux

Barcelone >< Bordeaux

Porto >< Bordeaux

Rome >< Bordeaux

Munich >< Bordeaux

Genève >< Bordeaux

Casablanca >< Bordeaux

... >< Bordeaux


Please find all information here : Low cost flights Bordeaux

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